The Best Bass Fishing Spots in Northern Virginia: An Expert's Guide

Are you an angler looking for the best bass fishing spots in Northern Virginia? From the upper Potomac River to the main stream of Shenandoah, North Fork and South Fork, there are plenty of places to cast your line. The north fork of the Holston River and the Clinch River also offer excellent opportunities for small mouths in southwestern Virginia. Floating these larger rivers in a canoe or raft is a great way to cover the water, just remember to put on a life jacket. You can also fish by wading these rivers and their tributaries, especially at the lower flows of late summer.

Fish in the area's waters that are still active include bass, walleye and musk. In addition, the largest members of these species are generally the most active fish. These aspects are what give the fisherman the opportunity to win the trophy of his life. Would it still apply to fish caught in the southernmost tip of the Potomac River area in the Fort Washington—Fort Hunt VA area? You can also access most of the same waters, since both VA and MD licenses are valid for fishing on both sides of the Potomac. Burke Lake Park is one of the region's best places to fish for bass, and it's constantly producing some of Northern Virginia's biggest catches.

Black largemouth bass can be fished in the tidal and southern regions of the river, while black bass is commonly found in the Upper Potomac. If you want to cover more ground and fish in several areas in one day, then going fishing by boat is your best bet. Any fish caught and entered for scoring or consideration during a permitted fishing tournament, rodeo, or other fishing event in lakes, ponds, or streams owned by the department must be released immediately at the capture site. Renowned sponsors such as Bassmaster and Fishing League Worldwide (FLW) organize annual competitions here, which attract hundreds of bass anglers from across the country. A permit for special use of a boat ramp is required to organize, supervise, or request registrations for fishing tournaments, rodeos, or other fishing events in lakes, ponds or streams owned by the department, for which prizes are offered, awarded or accepted depending on the size or quantity of fish caught, whether in money or other valuable considerations. Although the number of fish caught per excursion decreases during the coldest months of the year, cold temperatures offer anglers more chances of getting a trophy fish (in some species).Fishing is one of the best ways to spend a relaxing afternoon, and there are few better places to do it than near Fairfax, Virginia.

You can fish them whenever you want and, because their numbers are increasing rapidly, most anglers here choose to harvest these fish when they are rolled up. Most fishing guides are found in the Lower Potomac, in places like Fort Washington, Maryland and Alexandria, VA. You can choose to go fishing with some of Washington's famous landmarks as a backdrop or go out into nature for a quieter fishing experience. There are plenty of places along the banks for fishing as well as numerous piers and even a fishing pier for fishing.