The Best Time to Fish for Bass in Northern VA

Fishing for bass in Northern Virginia can be a rewarding experience, but it's important to know the best time to do it. Without a doubt, the best time of day to fish for bass is at night. Sea bass are known to feed more during the night than any other time of day, and there are often fewer anglers and less fuss in the waterways during the nighttime hours. Summer is particularly a great time to go fishing at night, as the seabass take advantage of the colder water temperatures and low light to feed before heat and sunlight return.

In summer, the best times of day to fish are early in the morning, from dawn to two hours after sunrise, and in the late afternoon, from three hours before sunset until dusk. Night fishing can be very good for catfish, carp, walleye and striped bass, along with a few other species, on select nights when there is strong moonlight shining in the water. January in Virginia can be a whimsical month, but anglers with cabin fever should take advantage of warmer days towards the end of the month. Herring, Powell or Wards Creek are good places to start.

The fish will continue to bite at this time of day, but the best morning window for ice fishing is in the middle or last hour of the morning. Mossy Creek fly fishing guides anglers who use framed rafts to slowly paddle down this picturesque river and stop to fish in deep wells this month. Use a boat with a tower to climb to the top and see the fish on sunny days while wearing polarized amber-colored glasses to spot fish. However, it's important to remember that bass fishing season may be closed in some states.

Knowing the best times and seasons for fishing near Honduras helps anglers plan a successful fishing trip. All anglers, captains and guides who fish for cobia must obtain a recreational cobia permit from the Commission and report on any activity of catching and fishing for cobia. When fishing on ice, fishing in these early hours of the day is usually a little too cold to fish well. The temperature of the water is the most important thing to consider when fishing for bass, and it can be the decisive factor when it comes to fishing to catch the most fish.

Forget about fishing at dawn or dusk. If you see that some type of weather event is expected that day, start fishing about three hours before the event for better results. A permit for special use of a boat ramp is required to organize, supervise or request registrations for fishing tournaments, rodeos or other fishing events in lakes, ponds or streams owned by the department, for which prizes are offered, awarded or accepted depending on size or quantity of fish caught, whether in money or other valuable considerations. Black largemouth bass can be fished in tidal and southern regions of the river while black bass is commonly found in Upper Potomac.

Fishing is good from dam to Brookneal this month as fish move upstream to spawn. In fact, I have fished more in late afternoon than any other time of day during winter both in ice fishing and open water. There are no doubt exceptions to these rules but most species of freshwater fish are active in early hours of morning and late afternoon. I grew up fishing for anything that could swim but I loved trout, chained pickerels, bass and bull heads in my teens.